May 27, 2015

About F.L.Y. High – Old

The F.L.Y. HIGH Outreach Program is dedicated to enhancing youth, in a positive environment. To be an empowering gateway that transcends beyond every youths aspiration through athletics, health and wellness, education, business, music, technology, media arts and/or any other way of outreach to the communities, with a primary focus of positively impacting and developing today’s youth.


To provide youth with programs that implement a variety of skill sets that will help combat community deterioration. The goal is to provide youth with the expertise needed to develop career goal opportunities, conflict management skills, physical training, nutritional education, and positive self-image. We focus on character ushering in awareness, self-esteem, self-value, problem solving and character building. To instill a standard of excellence that will build strong leadership, and communication skills that will guide the youth when making decisions, and preparing them to become productive members of the community.


To raise the bar and positively impact every youth that comes into contact by instilling our core values.


To be an Empowering gateway that transcends beyond every youth aspiration by unlocking their unknown potential.