October 5, 2015

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Who we are (Leaders)

As the leaders of this program, we are amazed at what these young men and women have accomplished here at F.L.Y. High, particularly within our three specialized areas. These distinct areas include mentoring, health and wellness, and media production. All areas of which require an advanced level of leadership, maturity and creativity. These are qualities we’ve encouraged every child here to adopt, and we’ve watched as they’ve made the necessary steps to harness them. We’ve dedicated ourselves to opening their minds and providing them with new opportunities. These opportunities not only expose them to new experiences and un-tested challenges, but also instills the idea of self-investment. That if you work hard and continue to strive toward the future you’ve envisioned for yourself, you will succeed. Ultimately, our mission is to enrich this fine selective group of young men and women with a progressive and innovative mindset. Encouraging them to think independently and to make a positive difference onto our society. Whether directly or indirectly, each individual’s impact will set the president for this organization and for those apart of it. Their contributions matter and they have the potential to touch the world. We want every child to grow from this program and to inch closer to their dreams and ambitions. This organization not only implants ideas of one’s succession, but guides them onto the path they themselves aspire to work towards. For those that are uncertain on their path, it’s our job to unmask this un-tapped talent and to exercise it. You can trust your children’s dreams will be higher than the sky if you simply trust F.L.Y. High.