May 28, 2015

M.A.P. – Media Arts Program

The Media Arts Programs (M.A.P.) is a program that educates the students in a positive manner through music technology, photography, videography, Journalism and drama with a hands-on approach. In each of these programs the students will be given opportunity to observe, learn, and utilize professional equipment. We strive to inspire the students to unlock what is inside and create from their heart. Music is said to be a universal language, we want to give our students the opportunity to speak out to the world.


Music/Music Technology

  • Learning Music Theory, Being an Artist, Creating Songs, Audio Recording, Producing Instrumentals


  • Learning about Video, Creating Video, Being Video Recorded

Photography – Fly Shots

  • Learning Photography, Taking Photos, Modeling, Fashion Design, Lighting


  • Learning about writing for Media Outlets: Newspapers, Magazines.  Broadcasting/Interviews, Radio, Television


  • Acting, Creating Skits & Monologues


  • Movements of Expression, Freedom, Urban, Spiritual, Jazz, Line Dance, Latin Dance.

Web & Graphic Design

  • Basic HTML, Basic Graphics Editing and Understanding in Adobe, Creating Small Pages, Creative Projects


  • Basic Drawing, Painting, Digital Imaging, Ceramics


  • Public Speaking, Practice Broadcasting/Interviews, Radio, Television, Participate in a radio atmosphere