June 13, 2016

Summer Camp Information

Purpose and Philosophy

F.L.Y. HIGH “Forever Leading Youth Higher” offers a Youth Summer Enrichment Program designed to provide school-aged children (5-13) in the Franklin County area a safe, caring, and well-supervised environment from June 11 through August 17, 2018. Each summer our camp is geared toward preparing young individuals not only for the upcoming school year but to holistically develop them for their future in life. We believe that through our program we harness the tools to strengthen them on their journey through life providing a unique blend of the essentials: academia, creativity, expression, passion and mental & physical fitness, inspiring high quality leadership enrichment factors to improve confidence and cultivate lifelong learning that will serve as inner resources for building character.

Our measurable outcomes will also include teaching your child basic skills through mentorship, health and wellness and our media arts program, learning quality leadership techniques and standards that they will acquire on a daily basis. They will learn the definition of self-investment, which they will carry on in life and not just in school or summer camp alone.

The F.L.Y. HIGH Summer Enrichment Camp is a program that requires the acceptance and approval of its Executive Director for youth to attend; therefore, an interview of potential camper and parent must be conducted prior to acceptance into the program.

Schedule of Operations

The Program will be located at multiple locations during the summer, please decipher which location will be the best fit for your child during the interview process. Our hours of operation during the summer will be Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. through 4:00 P.M., but may vary upon location.


Designated staff by direction of the Executive Director oversees day to day operations of the Program. They are available during operational hours only.


Your child will get dirty. Please send your child in appropriate clothing and footwear. Children will be involved in multiple activities in door and out door from sports to the arts. For your child’s protection from exposure of sun-rays, insect bites, and scratches from physical activity, the following attire is recommended:

  • Shirts with sleeves (exposed shoulders are easily sunburned)
  • A separate, lightweight, long-sleeved shirt to pull on over another shirt is also acceptable
  • Long pants, or bring a separate pair of long pants to pull on over shorts, or zip off pants/shorts.
  • Wear socks and bring extra sturdy footwear. Inappropriate footwear include flip-flops, “jellies”, crocs, sandals and shoes that can’t get muddy or wet.

Tuition and Fees

There will be an initial non-refundable $15 registration fee for each child. This fee will assist in any miscellaneous cost involved with administrative program development.

Publicly Funded Childcare will be accepted per the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services guidelines for families that qualify. Please be advised that applicants must be participating in an approvable, verifiable activity (employment or educational) for which services are needed, in order to qualify and receive Publicly Funded Childcare.

For families that don’t qualify for Publicly Funded Childcare, cost of the camp is $75 per week; however, a one-time discounted rate of $600 per child can be paid up to one day prior to camp start.


Payments must be made in advance by the close of business, the Friday of each week before the new camp week start. Tuition or co-pay must be paid by cash or money order, no checks will be accepted. Online payment also may be used for payment (Note there is an additional $3.50 online processing fee). Please see the website www.flyhighohio.org and go to the Summer Camp payment area.

Receipts for childcare expenses are available in January upon request.

Pick Up

Students must be picked up by a previously designated adult with proper identification or they will not be released.

Late Pick Up

If a parent/guardian will be late picking up a student, program must be notified. A late fee of $1 per minute, per child, is assessed (after the first five minutes) for late pick-ups. The charge must be payable upon pick-up of the student. Continual tardiness may result in the child’s dismissal from the program.

Emergency Contact Information

Student’s Emergency Contact Information form MUST be on file before your child can attend the Program. Make sure that the name of any person who may pick up your child is listed. Students will NOT be released to anyone without the expressed consent of the parent or guardian who enrolled the child. Any changes in this information immediately should be reported to the Program.


For the safety of each child, parents/guardians are responsible for contacting F.L.Y. HIGH when a child will be absent from the program on a scheduled day. This is extremely important. When a child does not appear at the program, we still have the expectation of their presence. It is our duty to be alert, calling or scheduling the absence in advance helps us let our guard down and prepare/continue for daily operations.

Because the program staff is hired on the basis of the number of children registered, the Program does NOT give credit or refunds for absences.


Lunch and snacks are included at no additional cost however; you do have the option of packing your child’s lunch. It is important to have any food allergies listed on the Camper Information form.

Health and Safety

In the event of an accident, injury, or illness every effort will be made to notify the parents/guardians or designated person indicated on the Camper Information form. If unable to make contact, information provided by the parent/guardian on the form will be followed.

All children must meet local, State, and Ohio Department of Health’s requirements for normal school entry and students’ health forms must be on file.

The program follows health practices and procedures. Children and staff wash their hands after using the restroom, before eating or preparing food, after outdoor play, and as needed to prevent the spread of germs and disease. Surfaces used for food service are cleaned and sanitized before and after eating.

Children who are ill are asked to remain home and will not be allowed to attend the program. If a child develops symptoms of illness, parents will be called to pick up the child. Symptoms include:

  • Oral temperature of 100 degrees or above
  • Intestinal problems with diarrhea or vomiting
  • Any type of undiagnosed rash
  • Any type of communicable illness (chicken pox, measles, impetigo, pink eye, )
  • Congestion or mucous discharge of the nose

If the program becomes aware that a staff member or child in care has contracted a communicable disease, parents/guardians will be notified in writing of the name of the communicable disease and the symptoms of the disease.

Code of Conduct – OM4

Children are expected to display appropriate behavior at all times. To assure the maximum enjoyment of the program by all participants, please review the following guidelines with your child. Expectations:

  • No Alcohol or Illegal Substances! They all are STRICTLY prohibited*
  • No Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives). Dangerous items are STRICTLY prohibited*
  • No one will ride on a vehicle that is not designed for passengers. (TR-2)
  • Show respect to all participants, staff, and nature.
  • Be pleasant to others and refrain from using foul language.
  • Refrain from causing harm to self, other participants, and staff.
  • Bullying behavior is unacceptable and incidents of bullying should be reported to the Director.
  • Use equipment, supplies, and facilities properly.
  • Always wear shoes.
  • Stay with the group.

Personal sports equipment, animals, pets, electronics and valuables are to be left at home, unless granted permission by Parents and the Executive Director. At no time will FH be responsible for belongings. Any belongings without permission, those items will be confiscated without question at any time.


All school rules are in effect during the program. In addition, F.L.Y. HIGH has specific rules and procedures to keep children safe. The program adheres to positive discipline methods. The following procedure is adhered to if serious and/or continuous disciplinary problems occur:

  • Time-out during Program
  • Parental conference with on-site Director
  • Parental conference with Program Director
  • Parent picks up child from program
  • Dismissal from program (Non-Refundable)

Medication and Allergies

Medication is administered to students following the policies adopted by the Ohio Department of Education.

Please notify the site director of any allergies your child may have or any restrictions related to the allergies.


A child may be dismissed from the Program for the following reasons:

  • If the child does not meet health requirements
  • If the parent/guardian fails to follow Program Policies and Procedures consistently
  • If a child is having problems adjusting to the program

Emergency Plans

Periodic practices of safety drills are conducted throughout the summer as precautionary measures to enhance the safety of everyone in the program.

Screening Staff/Volunteers

All employees have been screened according to the Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Licensing requirements.


An account/membership will be created for you when you complete your registration and payment. You will use this account/membership for payment, camp information and possible messages from the camp. Please make sure that all information completed is accurate/up to date. Remember to keep your Log-In ID & Password handy because you will use it all summer.




Print and sign required waivers. Bring them with you to open house or camp check-in.